Passage: Nehemiah 4:15~23  

Key verse: 20

Nehemiah was a leader who took action. In response to threats of an attack by their enemies, he stationed people at the lowest points of the wall and armed them. At the same time, though, Nehemiah was fully dependent on God, and he knew that the battle was the Lord’s. Nehemiah gave God the glory for frustrating the plans of their enemies. He was quick to use all the resources God provided, but his faith was in the Lord himself. Glory be to God for the victory we have in him!

Nehemiah wisely took a number of precautions to protect his people. Half of his men did the work while the other half were armed. Even the builders carried a sword while they worked. He established a communication system so that if an attack occurred, others could come and help. Furthermore, he directed the men and their helpers to remain in the city at night for protection. Still, his faith was in the Lord as he declared “Our God will fight for us!” This scene in the book of Nehemiah is a picture of the church. We are to move forward in the work God has called us to do while being on guard for our enemy’s attack. Satan prowls like a lion waiting to devour God’s people. However, we are to put on the full armor of God and stand our ground. We are to be like the builders who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem.

Prayer: Lord, help us to be alert and vigilant.

One Word: Our trust is in the Lord