Passage: Nehemiah 4:1~14  

Key verse: 14

The more the workers progressed in rebuilding the wall, the more they experienced opposition from their enemies. The first assault was a verbal attack. As we know, a negative word can burrow deep into our souls, and if we are not careful, it has the power to defeat us. Sanballat was furious about the progress on the wall and he mocked the Jews. What they were trying to do was impossible - to bring life back to the burned stones. He scoffed at their sacrifices and their dependence on God. However, Nehemiah responded in a way that all God’s people should respond. He went to God in prayer and placed the matter in his hands. The verbal opposition escalated into threats of physical violence. Nehemiah posted a guard and again the people turned to God in prayer.

Exhaustion and fear began to take their toll on the people. Some of them were disheartened by the immensity of the task while others were terrified by the threats of the enemies. Nehemiah responded by stationing armed people at strategic locations. Once again, he exhorted them to remember the Lord who is great and awesome and to fight for their families and homes. Our task may be difficult, and our enemies might seem ferocious. However, we too must remember how great and awesome our God is and continue in our spiritual battles.

Prayer: Father, give us strength and courage.

One Word: Our God is great and awesome