Passage: Nehemiah 1:1~11  

Key verse: 11

We learn a great deal about Nehemiah in this first chapter. In order for Nehemiah to be cupbearer to the king, he must have been a man of great loyalty and trustworthiness. His integrity was beyond question as he demonstrated great wisdom and self-control. By all accounts, he was a gifted and successful man. However, his deepest identity is found in his prayer. Nehemiah was a servant of God who delighted in revering God’s name. So, when he heard about the state of Jerusalem and the shame of God’s people, he was deeply grieved. This led Nehemiah to take immediate action and drop to his knees in prayer.

Nehemiah prayed according to the word of God. God had promised to return his people to the land if they returned to him and obeyed his commands. Nehemiah worshiped God for his faithfulness to his covenant of love and proceeded to confess the sins of the nation as well as his own sin and the sin of his family. Next, he appealed to God to remember his promise. The glory of God was at stake here! How could God be glorified if Jerusalem remained in shambles and his people in shame? Surely God would remember his servants and the nation he redeemed by his mighty hand. Nehemiah was fully dependent on God and ready to lay down his life.

Prayer: Father, open our hearts to see the state of your church today. Help us to pray for your people.

One Word: God hears the prayers of his servants