Passage: Psalm 65:1~13  

Key verse: 5

This is a psalm of thanksgiving in 3 movements: (1) worship, (2) salvation, (3) provision.

(1) Worship. We are privileged to worship God, who is worthy of praise, who answers prayer, who forgives our sins, who chooses us and brings us near to his presence, and who fills us with good things.

(2) Salvation. God’s deeds are awesome and righteous. He is our Savior and the hope of all people. He created mountains and seas. He stills roaring seas and nations in turmoil. The earth is full of his awesome wonders. This calls forth songs of joy.

(3) Provision. Water in the Middle East is a great blessing. They needed water for their crops and flocks. They gave thanks and joyful praise to God for his abundant provision.

Prayer: Thank you, LORD, for blessings of provision, forgiveness, and salvation. Thank you especially for choosing us and drawing us near to you through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

One Word: Praise and thank God for all his blessings