Passage: James 4:11~17  

Key verse: 15

We are commanded not to slander (speak falsely about) our brother or sister. We are also not to judge them. Doing so doesn’t just harm the one we speak falsely about. It harms ourselves as well. When we speak falsely of or judge our brother or sister, we are speaking against the law and that is sin. Judging others is judging the law. It is usurping God’s authority because God is the judge. Why is God the one, true Judge? Because he alone can save. And he alone can destroy. We are commanded to love our brothers and sisters, not to judge them.

People are always making plans for their lives. “I’ll go and work hard and make much money and have a comfortable life.” But where is God there? He is left out completely from our lives. This is the height of arrogance, for our very lives belong to God. We do not know what will happen tomorrow. Only God knows. James teaches that God should be the center of our plans. Even in the most mundane things of our lives, we should seek God’s will before we make plans. There is nothing wrong in planning. There is nothing wrong in hoping things go well. But God should come first.

Prayer: Father, my life is not my own. It belongs to you. Help me not to judge my brothers and sisters, but to seek your will in all I do.

One Word: Our lives belong to God; seek his will