Passage: Psalm 107:17~43  

Key verse: 20

The third group of people described by the Psalmist whom the LORD delivers is those who fall into trouble because of their own sins (17-18). We might say that such people deserve whatever they get. Yet, the LORD saves and delivers them anyway when they cry out to him (19-20). In fact, we are all sinners and God’s salvation is something we did not deserve. Our hearts can overflow with gratitude because we were rescued from trouble and we did not get what our sins deserve (21-22).

The fourth group of people saved by the LORD is seafaring merchants who encountered a devastating storm at sea that made them feel utterly powerless and hopeless (23-27). Our life’s journey can be described as such a voyage, and the troubles in life are like storms that threaten to overwhelm us. But God can calm the storm when we cry out to him, and guide us safely to our destination—even the kingdom of heaven (28-30). Finally, the psalmist describes how God transforms the environment to bless his people, especially the needy who where formerly oppressed. By pondering God’s mighty interventions, we can experience inner joy and rest in God’s goodness.

Prayer: Father, thank you for all the ways you have answered your people’s prayer and saved them. Help me not doubt your mighty power to change things.

One Word: God acts when we cry out for mercy.