Passage: Mark 10:17~31  

Key verse: 27

One day, a very wealthy and influential young man ran up to Jesus and fell on his knees before him. He asked Jesus, “Good teacher…What must I do to inherit eternal life?” No doubt Jesus surprised the man by wanting to know why he called him good. Only God is good and Jesus wanted the man to realize that there is nothing lost sinners can do on their own to be good in God’s eyes. Only Jesus is good and we need his perfect righteousness instead of trying to create our own. This man needed to come to Jesus and accept the free gift of salvation he offers. To demonstrate what he lacked, Jesus asked the man to sell all his possessions and give to the poor so that he would have treasure in heaven. He then invited the man to come and follow him. This is the way to inherit eternal life! Unfortunately, the man became sad and left because he could not part with his wealth.

It can be very difficult for the wealthy to depend on God instead of their resources. Jesus says that this is harder than squeezing a camel through the eye of a needle! People had believed that the rich were somehow closer to God because of all the blessings they had and the disciples wondered how anyone could enter the kingdom of God if it was so difficult for even the rich. However, everything is possible with God. By his wonderful grace, everyone who believes in Jesus can be saved.

Prayer: Jesus, you are our treasure and wealth.

One Word: Follow Jesus into eternal life.