Passage: Psalm 88:1~18  

Key verse: 13

The Psalms show us the full range of human emotion and experience, expressed to God in prayer. The writer of this psalm is at one of the lowest points of life, feeling near death and seeing nothing but darkness all around because of his troubles (3). These verses well describe what Jesus himself must have been going through on the cross.

The greatness of the psalmist is that he does not give in to despair but keeps crying out to God. He attributes his sufferings to God’s own wrath lying upon him (7). Nonetheless, his appeal is still to God, whom he will not let go of until the end. The writer seems not to know of hope in the resurrection. But we can know that in Jesus, even after death, our spirits will rise up and praise God (10). So, if the psalmist who went through all these things did not give up crying out to God, day after day, how can we think of giving up? If things are so bad that all we can do is cling to God, then let us cling to God.

Prayer: Father, thank you that when I have nothing else and see only darkness all around, I can appeal to you in prayer. Thank you for your love in Christ that is more powerful than the grave.

One Word: I cry to God for help