Passage: Numbers 9:1~14  

Key verse: 2

In the Desert of Sinai God commanded the Israelites to celebrate the Passover. Celebrating the Passover was to remember God’s mighty work for them and give thanks to him. The Israelites had suffered over 400 years as slaves in Egypt. To bring them out of Egypt, God struck down all the firstborn in Egypt through the plague of death. But he passed over the houses of Israelites who had obeyed God by putting the lamb’s blood on their doorframes. God’s people are to remember God’s saving grace that is the anchor of our soul. We were once slaves to our sin and wickedness. But God has rescued us out of darkness into his wonderful light.

Some who were ceremonially unclean or away on a journey were disallowed to celebrate the Passover at its appointed time. However, God gave them a second chance to celebrate it one month later after they became ceremonially clean. God didn’t want the Passover celebration unclean and tainted. Yet he also provided a way for the unclean to come back to him and celebrate. God is holy and cannot compromise with what is unclean. He is also merciful and gracious to those who want to come to him after being cleansed by Jesus’ blood. Remembering God’s work for us and giving thanks to him is God’s will for his people.

Prayer: Lord, help me remember your saving grace, and come to you by faith in Jesus’ blood.

One Word: Remember his grace for me