Passage: Psalm 103:1~22  

Key verse: 22

David was a man after God’s own heart. Perhaps nowhere in the Bible is this more evident than in Psalm 103. Out of the overflowing love and praise in David’s heart for the Lord his God, he wrote this Psalm. What did David praise the Lord for? Everything!

David praised the Lord for who he is. He praised the Lord for the holiness of his name (1). He praised him for his love and compassion on his creation (4). He is also a God of righteousness and justice (6). The Lord “works righteousness and justice for the oppressed.” He is also our eternal king, having established his throne in heaven over all creation (19).

David also praised the Lord for all he does for us. He heals our diseases. He forgives all our sins (3). He not only forgives our sins, he removes them from us (12)! In God’s sight, we are not just forgiven sinners, we are not sinners at all! We deserve nothing from the Lord, but he has sent his redemption to us through Jesus Christ our Lord (4). He gives so many good things, to the satisfaction of all our desires (5). Most of all, he gives his great, all-encompassing love to those who fear him and keep his covenant.

Prayer: Father, this Thanksgiving Day, may we be full of thanks and praise to you.

One Word: Praise the Lord, my soul!