Passage: 2_Corinthians 3:7~18  

Key verse: 18

God appeared in glory to Moses in the desert. His face would reflect God’s glory when he spoke with the Lord in the Tent of Meeting. It was so glorious the Israelites would not look at it, although it was a fading glory. This ministry, however, did not bring life but condemnation and death. It looked forward to the ministry of the Spirit, the ministry that brings righteousness and life. The ministry of the gospel is filled with the Spirit. It is the surpassing glory that lasts.

Paul testified to the church in Corinth that they had the hope of glory. It is the glory of the Spirit. Moses would put a veil over his face to prevent the Israelites from seeing it. The glory was fading, and the people lived as if their faces were veiled. Their minds were dull to the glory of God. Only in Christ is the veil taken away and glory revealed. Only by the Spirit are we transformed into his image. We have freedom from sin and a great hope to be transformed with ever-increasing glory by the Lord, who is the Spirit.

Prayer: Lord, heal my dullness and take the veil away that I may know your surpassing glory. Transform me by your Spirit into the image of Christ.

One Word: Transformed with ever-increasing glory