Passage: 2_Corinthians 2:5~17  

Key verse: 15

Paul had rebuked the church in Corinth in his previous letter because they tolerated sexual immorality among them. In doing so, they denied the gospel of Christ which made them new (1Co 5:7). Now Paul is urging them to forgive the offender in the sight of Christ. Paul was always careful to be obedient to the gospel. We forgive sinners because Christ bore their sins in his body. It is the recognition of the gospel in the matter of those who sinned and those who come to Christ for forgiveness. When we obey the gospel in everything we are protected from Satan’s schemes and guided to God,

Paul preached the gospel in Troas, but he was uneasy when he did not find his coworker Titus there, so he went on to Macedonia. Though Paul didn’t always know where he was going, he knew that he was being led by Christ like a captive. He was thankful to preach the gospel. He saw the gospel, and all who declared the gospel, as the aroma of Christ in the world. They are the aroma of life to the saved and the aroma of death to the perishing. Paul did not preach for his own gain but as an apostle sent by God himself.

Prayer: Lord, bless me to obey the gospel in all things. Use me in our times as the fragrant aroma of Christ.

One Word: We are the pleasing aroma of Christ