Passage: Matthew 24:32~51  

Keyverse: 45

Jesus told his disciples to discern the times. When they saw all the things he talked about, they would know that his coming was near. Jesus gave these disciples his words, and his words are eternal. Earth and even heaven will pass away, but the words of Jesus last forever.

When every day goes by like the one before, it is easy to become complacent. Noah built an ark in obedience to God’s command, while the rest of humanity ignored him. In the same way Jesus taught his disciples to keep watch. He taught them to live like Noah, to watch for his coming when everyone else went about their lives as usual. The Son of Man will come; therefore, we keep watch. No one knows the exact hour when the Son of Man will come, but the wise servant lives with the expectation of his master’s coming at all times. Jesus wants us to be wise and faithful servants. He teaches us to serve him as we serve God’s people in our times. The Son of Man comes to judge and to save. He calls us to be ready and to serve him faithfully.

Prayer: Lord, help me to hold on to the words of Jesus and be a wise and faithful servant in my generation.

One Word: A wise servant