Passage: Matthew 24:15~31  

Keyverse: 30

Jesus spoke of calamitous events that would come. Jerusalem would be destroyed in 70 A.D. At that time, the temple was desecrated, as the prophet Daniel spoke of. It was unequaled distress, but there was more. When the Son of Man comes again there will be all kinds of threats. False messiahs will arise performing wondrous signs to deceive God’s people. Anyone who promotes the worship of anything other than God who sent Jesus is false. Jesus cautioned the believers so that they wouldn’t follow anyone opposed to God.

When Jesus does come, it will not be a secret. It will be as visible as lightning, as obvious as a vulture near a carcass. There will be heavenly signs and then he will appear with power and great glory. Jesus is coming to gather his elect. His coming is the hope of all who wait for him. He will gather all those who stand firm, who do not follow false messiahs, but trust in him through the times of distress.

Prayer: Lord, help me not to be deceived by anything false in this world. Bless me to wait for Jesus to come with power and glory.

One Word: Wait for the Son of Man