Passage: Matthew 23:25~39  

Keyverse: 37

Sin corrupts all men. Sin had corrupted the inner man—the heart—of the religious leaders. Though they appeared righteous outwardly, their hearts were not clean before God. Those who rejected Jesus stood in a long tradition of men who persecuted and killed God's servants. All people who don't repent are a part of this tradition. The prophets, who called people to repentance, were always targets of persecution, from Abel, the righteous man whom Cain slew, to the prophet Zechariah. But God judges sin completely. He would judge this generation by his justice.

Jesus came as God’s own. He longed to gather the people of Israel and Jerusalem—God’s chosen people—to himself. But the people were unwilling. Just as they persecuted the prophets, these teachers of the law and Pharisees would crucify Jesus. Jesus, the long-suffering Messiah, would bear all the rejection on himself. In this way he would become the forgiveness and salvation for all who repent and proclaim, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”

Prayer: Lord, heal my inner person through the gospel. Make me a living proclamation of the blessing of Jesus to all people.

One Word: Come to Jesus and be blessed