Passage: Matthew 22:1~14  

Keyverse: 2

The king invited some people to his son’s wedding feast many times. But the invited ones kept refusing to come with different excuses, mistreating and killing the king’s messengers. They were too busy to accept the king’s invitation. People today are too busy to think about their spiritual need and salvation. They are busy with their studies, careers, relationship building, shopping, traveling, gyms, or even cool tech gadgets. But “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” We need to take the time to deal with our spiritual need today.

The king destroyed them and invited people on the street without regard to social status, race, or nationality. The Gentiles received God’s invitation because the Jews rejected it. This invitation is still open today. But there is one thing we need to join the heavenly feast. We must wear wedding clothes. The king provided everyone wedding clothes to enter the feast. But he found a man who did not wear the wedding clothes and expelled him from the feast. The wedding garment refers to the righteousness of Christ, and God himself provides it. We need to take off our own filthy unrighteousness and pride and put on the righteousness of Jesus. The sad reality is: “Many are invited, but few are chosen.”

Prayer: Lord, thank you for your invitation to the heavenly feast. Let me wear Jesus’ righteousness.

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