Passage: Matthew 21:33~46  

Keyverse: 42

In Jesus’ parable, the landowner is God, and the vineyard is the world and our lives. God created the world and our life and rented both to us. We are the tenants whom God appointed to take care of God’s world and our lives and to bear good fruit for him. But the wicked tenants took God’s vineyard for granted and wanted to have what belonged to God for themselves. They rejected God as if there was no God and treated his servants violently. Finally, they killed God’s Son and pretended to be owners of their lives and the vineyard. In this way, they tried to build their lives without God and killed Jesus and threw him out of the vineyard. They were foolish builders who rejected Jesus as the foundation of their building with their stubborn pride and rebellion. But God chose the rejected and killed Son as the cornerstone. Jesus is God’s standard of measure and alignment. People who reject Jesus want to build something different from what God is building. They are like the those who tried to build the tower of Babel. They are like the tenants who rebelled against God and pursued their own project. The outcome for these people is God’s judgment. They will be broken to pieces and crushed. We who received God’s gracious vineyard need to bear good fruit for God and to build our lives on Jesus, the Cornerstone.

Prayer: Lord, forgive my pride and help me to humbly bear the fruit of your mission for me.

One Word: Jesus is the foundation of my life