Passage: Psalm 68:1~35  

Keyverse: 18

This Psalm is full of powerful imagery of God’s power. He rides on the clouds (4), and when he leads his people out, the earth shakes (7). We can have courageous faith by knowing that we are led by a God with such might and power. His enemies all flee before him. But he is also a gentle helper of helpless orphans and widows, and he establishes families for lonely people (5-6).

This Psalm is also a prophecy of Jesus’ victory on the cross, followed by his resurrection and ascension. Jesus took us as “captives” to his grace and we bring him our gifts of praise (18). Verses 24-27 describe a procession, a parade of God’s victorious people, with singing and music. We are part of Jesus’ triumphant, joyful procession. This procession involves people of every nation and language, declaring his praises.

Prayer: Father, help me to take courage by remembering your mighty power. Thank you for making me part of your procession to your heavenly kingdom.

One Word: Part of God’s victorious parade