Passage: Psalm 66:1~20  

Keyverse: 12

This is a song of praise that recalls God’s leading and discipline for his chosen people. The Psalmist remembers the mighty power of God that was displayed when he brought Israel across the Red Sea on dry land. In the same way, God has preserved our lives to this day (9).

We should also remember to thank God for times of trouble and suffering in which God tested us. Sometimes we felt like people are riding on our heads! God let these things happen, but then he brought us through. He listened to our prayer when we were in trouble (19). Let’s remember how God has brought us through times of testing with our faith strengthened. Remembering God’s faithfulness to us, we can testify like the Psalmist did and renew our commitment to be faithful to serve.

Prayer: Father, thank you for your powerful salvation work in my life, even when it involved painful trials. Help me to tell others about how you have heard my prayer.

One Word: God brought me through the fire