Passage: Psalm 64:1~10  

Keyverse: 2

When there are people who try to bring us down unjustly, or accuse us behind our backs, we long for an impartial judge to whom we can present our case. This psalm shows us that we have such an advocate in God. When King David heard about people who were conspiring against him and laying traps for him, he laid out his complaint clearly before God. David knew how clever people are when they set their hearts on doing evil, and he asked God to hide him from their plots. God gave David inspired language to expose the evil in the human heart.

If we pray specifically about our troubles or even just our worries about the future, laying everything before God, we can receive God’s comfort. God is pleased when we bring our agonies before him. In this way we can also resist the temptation to fight evil with evil, keeping our heart upright. Then we can have great confidence in God. We can be sure that eventually God’s justice will be revealed and all people will see it and praise him.

Prayer: Father, thank you for inviting us to come to you when we are unfairly treated. Give me a pure heart and confidence that I will see your justice.

One Word: Lord, protect me from evil