Passage: Psalm 62:1~12  

Keyverse: 2

This psalm was written at a time when David felt persecuted by deceitful people who spoke flattering words but secretly planned to knock him off the throne (4). David acknowledged his human weakness, calling himself a “leading wall” and “tottering fence” (3). Humanly, it was difficult for David to find any peace or rest in his position as a king.

Nevertheless, he confidently asserts that he is able to find rest for his soul in God as well as hope and salvation (1, 5). With God as his source of strength, his “fortress,” he will never be shaken. With this faith, David commands us to trust God at all times and warns us not to put confidence in our own schemes or earthly wealth. His ultimate trust is in the character of God who is powerful, loving, and just in rewarding people for what they have done (11, 12). Verses 1-2 and 5-6 are a chorus of confidence in God that we can repeat for ourselves. Let’s become strong in our inner selves in God our fortress!

Prayer: Father, thank you for the strength, hope, salvation, and rest we can find in you. Help me not to envy people who are humanly privileged or have great riches, for those things are temporary.

One Word: Find rest in God alone