Passage: Psalm 59:1~17  

Keyverse: 10

Saul sent men to watch David’s house and kill him. These men were wicked, for they were attempting to assassinate God’s anointed king. Throughout this trial, David depended on God and honored him. He refused to take matters into his own hands. Instead, he recognized God as his deliverer and fortress. Being innocent, he knew that God would hear his appeal because our God is a righteous God. He also knew that God was fully aware of his situation and even heard the boasts of his enemies. They were like snarling dogs in the night, but God laughed at them. They were nothing to him. David says, “You are my strength, I watch for you…” This is the way we are to face all our trials. Trust in God and watch for him. His steadfast love will never fail.

God would go before David and give him the victory. He would be David’s shield and protect him from all harm. By letting the words and pride of Saul and his men be their downfall, it would teach Israel a valuable lesson. Their fate would make it clear that God is the one who rules over Jacob. Although the dogs were still snarling and prowling at night, David would sing the Lord’s praise in the morning. He knew that he could rely on God. There is no doubt that we will experience many trials in our lives. During each of them, remember that the Lord is our strength.

Prayer: Father, our trust is in you alone.

One Word: God will deliver you