Passage: Psalm 58:1~11  

Keyverse: 11

The language of this psalm could seem a little severe to us. However, to those suffering oppression and persecution by their government, it may not read as severe. Rulers should speak justly and judge with equity, but the rulers in this psalm did not. They invented new forms of injustice and were guilty of bloodshed and violence. This horrific corruption occurs in many parts of the world today. The depravity of these leaders was staggering. They were liars from birth, and their venom was like the venom of a snake. They acted like poisonous cobras who could not be charmed or controlled. For someone under their rule, life could seem quite hopeless.

David knew, however, that God is the sovereign judge of the earth. He has the power to deliver his people. David prayed that God would break and tear out the teeth and fangs of those wicked lions. God could make unjust rulers vanish like water and their weapons of war useless. His action would be swift and his victory overwhelming. Then, the people of the world would know that righteousness is still rewarded and that God is the judge over all the earth. God’s righteous anger over the sin of the world is a very serious matter. Those who confess their sin and turn to Jesus can find forgiveness and freedom from condemnation.

Prayer: Father, deliver the oppressed from injustice.

One Word: The righteousness of God will prevail