Passage: 2_Timothy 2:1~13  

Keyverse: 1

A Christian leader needs the kind of strength that comes from the grace of Jesus and not themselves. Timothy needed this strength to carry on Paul’s ministry of raising disciples and gospel workers. Paul instructed him to pass on his teachings to reliable people who would then teach others. This was not an easy task, by any means! Paul says, “Join with me in suffering, like a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” Soldiers have a single-minded focus in obeying their commanders. Athletes play by the rules and know that suffering is part of the game. Farmers must be hardworking and diligent in everything they do. These are the traits that disciples of Jesus must have, and those who suffer for the sake of the gospel will be rewarded.

Are you unsure if you have this kind of strength? Then follow Paul’s advice and remember our Lord Jesus Christ. His suffering brought victory to us all. When our Lord was raised from the dead, it was a sign of his triumph over sin and death. Through his sufferings, we have the hope of eternal life! He is the promised descendant of David who reigns forever as Lord and Messiah. Paul suffered in chains like a criminal so that others might know Christ and the good news of salvation. We, too, must be strong and endure for the sake of the gospel.

Prayer: Father, give us the grace to suffer for the sake of the gospel like a good soldier of Christ.

One Word: Strength comes from grace