Passage: 1_Corinthians 9:1~18  

Keyverse: 18

1. In hope of sharing in the harvest (1-12a)

Paul had been criticized by some in the church in Corinth, saying he wasn't a legitimate apostle. Paul provided as proof of his true apostleship that, because of the gospel, Paul was free. He was an apostle because of the gospel. He had seen the risen Jesus! As an apostle he had born much spiritual fruit in the Corinthian church. Because of his apostleship, Paul had many rights he could have exercised, such as having a believing wife or making a living preaching the gospel. The other apostles and the Lord's own brothers had exercised these rights. Didn't Paul have those same rights?

2. 'But we did not use this right' (12b-18)

Although Paul had many rights, he didn't use any of them. Why not? He didn't want to hinder the gospel of Christ. He gave up all things in order to advance the work of the gospel. Paul was compelled to preach the gospel. His only reward was that he preach the gospel free of charge.

Prayer: Father, help us to repent seeking after only earthly rewards. May our most desired reward come from you.

One Word: God is my reward.