Passage: Exodus 28:31~43  

Keyverse: 36

1. Priestly ministry must be holy (31-38)

The priest ministers in the Holy Place, hidden from the eyes of people. The bells signal that God has mercifully accepted the priest's ministry on people's behalf. In worshipping God, the people would bring all kinds of gifts, which must be consecrated to be acceptable to God. To bear these sacred gifts, the priest must be holy as a suitable mediator.

2. Priests must be consecrated (39-43)

Not only should priestly ministry be holy, but their bodies must be also clothed, anointed, ordained, and consecrated to serve as priests. This must be done continually, as priests are also sinners who die. Jesus, our great high priest, is different. Since he lives forever, he has a permanent priesthood, always interceding for us. Such a high priest truly meets our need-who is holy, blameless, pure… He sacrificed himself for our sins once for all (Heb 7:23-28).

Prayer: Father, thank you Jesus' perfect sacrifice and priesthood, interceding for me. Help me be holy as you are holy to serve as one of Jesus' royal priesthood today.

One Word: Be holy