Passage: Colossians 3:18~4:1  

Key verse: 18-19

1. The fullness of Christ in our families (18-21)

The fullness of Christ does not stop at our front door. His wonderful grace and love are to shape all our relationships, especially those among family members. Wives are to submit to their husbands,honoring the Lord Jesus who submitted himself to the Father. In turn, husbands are to love their wives with an agape love, laying down their lives for them just as the Lord laid down his. Children are to obey their parents in everything, setting the pattern that all of us are to follow as children of God. Parents are to remember that children are a precious gift from God and embrace them with the love and tenderness of Jesus.

2. The fullness of Christ in our occupations (22-4:1)

Paul spoke of the relationship between slaves and masters, but it applies to employees and employers as well. God grants a wonderful dignity to even the lowest position, for all our labor is for the Lord and he will see it and reward it. Those with people under their charge must remember that the Lord is master of all and treat their workers fairly.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, may your grace fill our lives.

One Word: Honor Christ in your relationships