Passage: Colossians 2:6~23  

Key verse: 10a

1. The fullness of God lives in Christ (6-15)

Do not be taken captive by human philosophy! This is Paul's warning to the Colossians and to all believers. The fullness of God dwells in Christ and in him we find our fullness as well. Believers are to be built up and rooted in him, ever growing in their faith and thankfulness. Think about everything that the Lord has done! In Christ, our old nature has been put off and buried. We have been made alive with Christ, our sins have been forgiven, our debts have been cleared, our condemnation has been taken away, and our enemies have been defeated. The victory we have in his death and resurrection is a complete victory. Nothing can be added to it or taken away from it.

2. Freedom in Christ (16-23)

Since their salvation was in Christ and their growth came from him, there were several worldly dangers the Colossians were to avoid. They were not to allow themselves to be judged or disqualified by those who promoted legalism. Legalists look very pious on the outside, but their hearts are still ruled by their sinful lusts. The Colossians had died to the world in Christ and were free from these rules.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, you are everything we need.

One Word: Our fullness is in Christ alone