Passage: Exodus 7:14~25  

Keyverse: 17

1. 'Blood will be everywhere in Egypt' (14-19)

In the arid land of Egypt, the Nile was their most important resource. Much of their wealth, as well as religious activity, centered around the river. God would strike the Nile in the morning, as Pharaoh goes out to bless it. In this way all Egypt would see the power of the LORD over their false gods of the Nile and over their ruler, Pharaoh. The blood points to God's vengeance on Egypt, hearing the cries of the baby boys of Israel who died in the Nile (1:22).

2. The LORD's command vs. secret arts (20-24)

Moses and Aaron did as the LORD commanded, and they all saw the power of God: all the water changed to blood, killing the fish and making it undrinkable. Blood was everywhere in Egypt, showing the limitless power of God's command. The magicians, empowered by Satan, were able to replicate turning water into blood, so Pharaoh refused to yield. But they could not undo God's judgment on the Nile. All the people of Egypt suffered, needing to dig for water. God's command is greater than Satan's tricks.

Prayer: Father, your judgment is right and your power is limitless. Help me trust in you today.

One Word: God's power revealed in judgment