Passage: Exodus 7:1~13  

Keyverse: 5

1. 'I will lay my hand on Egypt' (1-7)

God reminded Moses of his plan: God would speak to Moses, and Aaron would speak to Pharaoh to let God's people go! Pharaoh's hard heart rejected the LORD (5:2). So God would reveal himself as the LORD: the self-Existent and Eternal One, through his judgments on Pharaoh and Egypt's false gods. Then all Egypt will know that God is the LORD. The LORD brings his people out of Egypt. God's hand is mighty! Yet he chose to work through Moses and Aaron. Their obedience to God, even in old age, was God's tool through which his hand would act.

2. Aaron's staff becomes a snake (8-13)

In obedience to God's word, Moses and Aaron confront Pharaoh this second time, throwing down the staff before him. It became a snake, the sign of God's mighty hand! But Pharaoh was not impressed, as his magicians did the same. As a powerful foreshadowing, Aaron's staff swallowed the others. As God had said, Pharaoh hardened his heart and would not listen. The stage is set for God to multiply his wonders among the Egyptians.

Prayer: Father, your hand is indeed mighty. Thank you for including me in your plan. Help me to obey, that your identity as LORD may be revealed today.

One Word: God is the LORD