Passage: 1_Peter 2:4~10  

Key verse: 9

1. The living Stone (4-8)

Jesus is the living Stone. He is also the rejected stone, who was crucified for those who rejected him. He is able to give life to us, to make us living stones when we trust in him and believe in him. The rejected stone is the cornerstone of God's kingdom, and he makes those who obey him to be holy and acceptable to God, while those who refuse him stumble and fall.

2. A royal priesthood (9-10)

God had a purpose in sending Jesus to us. He wanted to make a new creation. He makes all who trust in Jesus to be his own. He calls us out of the darkness of sin to serve him as his chosen people and a royal priesthood. In his eternal mercy, God raised up a people who would declare his praises in all they do. The people of God in our times are all those who declare the wonders of the gospel of Jesus to the world.

Prayer: Lord, I belong to you by the gospel of Jesus. Thank you for your mercy. Use me to declare the wonderful light of the gospel to all people.

One Word: A royal priesthood, a holy nation