Passage: Luke 23:44~56  

Key verse: 46

1. Jesus dies victoriously (44-49)

Jesus suffered unspeakably on the cross. For three hours, the sky was darkened, revealing the momentousness of Jesus' death. The curtain of the temple was torn in two, revealing that Jesus was the sacrifice that opens the way to God. When it was time for Jesus to die, Jesus declared that he had finished his mission and victoriously gave his spirit back to God. Even one Roman centurion could see that Jesus' death was not the death of a mere man.

2. Jesus is buried by Joseph (50-56)

Jesus' death revealed God's purpose and changed the heart of one formerly secret disciple. Joseph of Arimathea courageously asked Pilate for Jesus' body, and he donated his own tomb for Jesus to be laid in. By the power of Jesus' death, God changed one person who could then be used to prepare the environment for Jesus' resurrection. Jesus' death still has power to change us.

Prayer: Father, thank you for the victory Jesus won for us. May Jesus' cross change me into someone who can be used for your work.

One Word: Jesus' death has life-changing power