Passage: Luke 23:26~43  

Key verse: 43

1. Forgiveness is offered from the cross (26-34)

Jesus' condemnation to die by crucifixion looked like a tragic injustice. His friends mourned and wailed for him. But Jesus didn't need people to weep for him; rather, he taught us to realize the fruit of sin and escape the judgment that is coming. Jesus himself provided the way to do that. He offered himself for our sins on the cross and prayed for our forgiveness.

2. Jesus gives paradise to one who asks (35-43)

People from many walks of life mocked Jesus in his seemingly helpless condition on the cross, daring him to come down and save himself. But the fear of God came into the heart of one of the condemned criminals, and he saw the kingdom of God in Jesus. He asked Jesus to remember him, and Jesus granted him a place in paradise immediately and unconditionally. Jesus gives salvation freely to anyone who asks him!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, remember me, and let your death cover my sins so I may come to your kingdom.

One Word: Forgiveness and paradise from Jesus' cross