Passage: Luke 23:1~25  

Key verse: 25

1. Pilate tries to get an answer (1-12)

The Sanhedrin brought Jesus to Pontius Pilate with made-up charges to have him put to death by the Roman government. Jesus did not deny being King of the Jews, and yet Pilate could tell he was innocent-Jesus was no insurrectionist. When the religious leaders insisted, Pilate sent Jesus to Herod for more information. Herod and his men mocked Jesus but did not come to any conclusion.

2. Pilate gives in (13-25)

Pilate tried to convince the leaders and the gathered crowd that Jesus had done nothing to deserve death, but he compromised, offering to have him punished. The crowd, however, had already been stirred into a frenzy by the religious leaders, and they began to shout for Jesus' crucifixion. Finally, Pilate gave in to their demands. No one was willing to stand up for Jesus' righteousness; this reveals the sin of all humanity. But Jesus was condemned in our places, so we could be forgiven like Barabbas.

Prayer: Father, thank you for Jesus who offered himself in my place for my sins.

One Word: Condemned in my place