Passage: Luke 22:54~71  

Keyverse: 70

1. Peter's denial (54-62)

Jesus' disciples abandoned him when he was arrested, but Peter followed at a distance to see what would happen. As the night progressed, three different bystanders recognized Peter as one of the disciples, but, every time, he denied knowing Jesus. He fell into temptation under the power of fear. When a rooster crowed, Peter realized Jesus' prediction was right, and he wept bitterly. Knowing ourselves as sinners is the beginning of repentance.

2. Jesus testifies to the Sanhedrin (63-71)

Jesus was mocked and abused by the guards responsible for him because he seemed powerless. On trial before the Jewish council, the religious leaders asked Jesus directly if he was the Messiah. But they didn't care about the truth; they only wanted Jesus to incriminate himself. Jesus knew this, but still he revealed his divine identity, speaking of his heavenly throne and admitting that he was the Son of God. Jesus would not deny the truth, even though it cost his life.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for showing me my sin. I want to win the victory over fear. I need your courage to stand on the truth.

One Word: Pray for power to tell the truth