Passage: Luke 22:39~53  

Keyverse: 42

1. 'Not my will, but yours be done' (39-46)

As the time of his suffering drew near, Jesus prayed in order to find strength to face it. He commanded his disciples to pray as well, so they would not fall into temptation in this time of testing. In prayer, Jesus expressed his desire to escape from his cup of suffering, but he sought God's will above all. He prayed in such anguish that his sweat was like blood. God did not take away Jesus' cup, but he gave him strength to drink it.

2. Jesus is betrayed and arrested (47-53)

At that moment Judas arrived, leading a mob to arrest Jesus. A kiss of friendship became a secret signal to show which one to arrest. Jesus knew this and even convicted Judas of his sin. The disciples tried to fight back with swords, but Jesus stopped them and even healed one of the guards. After his prayer, Jesus had power to reveal God's glory even through his arrest.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for your example of prayer that wins the victory in trials. Help me be spiritually equipped through prayer.

One Word: Pray for strength to accomplish God's will