Passage: Luke 22:1~23  

Keyverse: 20

1. The Passover is prepared (1-13)

When the religious leaders were looking for a way to get rid of Jesus, Satan came into Judas who then went to the chief priests. Judas offered to betray Jesus. The forces of evil seemed very powerful. But Jesus showed his awareness of everything that was happening, even in the way he had his disciples prepare their Passover celebration. Jesus was working together with God, who was preparing Jesus to be the true Passover lamb.

2. Jesus declares the covenant (14-22)

Jesus was eager to teach the disciples the meaning of his suffering and death through this supper. Jesus gave the bread and wine of the Passover meal their true meaning: They represented his own body and blood. His blood was shed for the forgiveness of our sins, and, as the Lamb of God, he himself is the food for our eternal spiritual life. We should continually remember Jesus' body and blood given for us.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for fulfilling your plan to give yourself for our sins. Help me to remember what your body and blood provided for me.

One Word: Jesus gave his life to us