Passage: 1_Chronicles 27:1~34  

Keyverse: 23b

1. The army divisions (1-15)

After listing the responsibilities of the Levites (ch 23-26) and thus emphasizing that the kingdom's focus was on the worship of God, the author turns his attention to military and political leadership. God had abundantly blessed Israel with numerous people, land, and resources. Israel no longer had an ad hoc army but a standing one. Twelve divisions, each with 24,000 men and led by David's bravest, most trustworthy and capable military men, took turns protecting the nation.

2. Tribal leaders, stewards, counselors (16-34)

God also raised leaders for the tribes of Israel. As God promised Abraham, God made Israel as numerous as the stars in the sky. He multiplied the twelve sons of Jacob into a nation. King David needed these tribal leaders to help govern this large kingdom. God had materially blessed King David, and he needed faithful stewards for his property. King David also had counselors and a steward who took care of his sons. God, who kept his promise to Abraham, also raised a king, leaders, and stewards to care for his people.

Prayer: Father, thank you for those who protect us and govern us. Help them to fear you and to faithfully and wisely carry out their responsibilities.

One Word: Pray for governing authorities