Passage: Luke 17:20~37  

Key verse: 24

1. The kingdom of God is in your midst (20-25)

Pharisees sought a political, messianic kingdom and, so, rejected Jesus. As a result, they were completely ignorant that the kingdom of God was already 'in your midst!' But the disciples were different. They knew who Jesus was (9:20). But he would not be with them forever. He would suffer and be taken from them, and they would long for even one more day with him. Thus, Jesus gave them hope and a sign so they won't fall for false messiahs: When Jesus comes again, it will not be humble and unobserved but powerful like lightning, witnessed by all! In this, we have hope to endure.

2. In the days of the Son of Man (26-37)

How should we live as we await that day? Using the backdrop of the days of Noah and the days of Lot, Jesus tells his disciples (including us) not to be deceived into living like that day isn't coming. Instead, like Noah who entered the ark, we are to enter Jesus' salvation, and like Lot left Sodom, we are called to leave the life of sin. On that day, possessions won't matter, only a life lived for Jesus and his kingdom will preserve our lives.

Prayer: Father, thank you for giving me this truth. Help me yearn for Jesus' coming and remain faithful.

One Word: Come Lord Jesus!