Passage: Luke 17:1~10  

Key verse: 4

1. 'Increase our faith!' (1-6)

Jesus knows our weaknesses and the stumbling blocks in this world, so he says: 'watch yourselves!' There is no excuse for those who cause others to sin. But when others sin against us, we want to tie a millstone around their neck. Jesus expects us to unconditionally forgive them. To this the apostles cry out: 'Increase our faith!' Unless Jesus gives them more faith, they cannot obey. Jesus explains that the size of faith is not important; even small faith can uproot fixed things. The quality of our faith is what matters. What kind of faith should we have?

2. We have only done our duty (7-10)

Jesus gives an illustration of a servant who serves his master without expecting to being served himself. He knows his place and does his duty. We are those saved by the grace of Jesus, unworthy as we are. He forgives all our sins, transforms us into his image, and allows us to work with him for his kingdom purpose. An attitude of humble obedience to 'watch ourselves' and 'forgive them' is only our duty. This is the quality of faith Jesus expects.

Prayer: Father, although I am unworthy, you forgive me. Help me humbly obey you by watching myself and forgiving others by faith today.

One Word: Forgive others by faith in Jesus