Passage: Luke 6:20~26

Key verse: 20

1. Those who are blessed (20-23)

Jesus knows that his disciples will experience deprivation, pain, sorrows, hatred, and persecution. These struggles do not come because the disciples did something wrong. These come as a side effect or consequence of following Jesus in a world that hates him. Yet in the face of hardships, Jesus' disciples are blessed. Jesus gives his disciples the kingdom of God. He promises satisfaction, laughter and joy. Our best life is not now; we will have an eternal reward in heaven when we follow Jesus.

2. "Woe to you...." (24-26)

In contrast to the blessings, Jesus warns of woes to those who are now rich, well-fed, and laugh and are praised. In themselves these are not bad. But if our lives are centered on getting these things in this life, we have received our temporal reward. Only woes remain for we have not sought God. May we heed Jesus' warnings and set our life direction on being a disciple of Jesus.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for teaching us about true blessing. Though I may suffer now, help me to persevere based on your promises and hope.

One Word: Blessed are you