Passage: Matthew 2:1~12  

Keyverse: 2

1. Jerusalem is disturbed (1-8)

Magi from a kingdom in the East, using their knowledge of Scripture and astronomy, discovered that the Messiah had been born in Israel. They immediately set out on the long journey to honor him. Ironically, the leaders of God's own people were not even aware of Jesus' birth. Herod was disturbed because he saw this event only as a threat to his own power. He asked the religious leaders for the Messiah's birthplace without telling them why, then sent the Magi out with evil intent. Nonetheless, the Magi received the direction they needed.

2. The Magi's gifts (9-12)

When the Magi realized that God was leading them to find the new King, they felt great joy. Young Jesus and his parents did not look like anyone special, but the magi bowed low and gave gifts to him. The Magi are excellent examples of seeking the truth with a pure motive. They did not seek to get something, but to give their worship.

Prayer: Father, thank you that those who seek Jesus can find him, even in evil times. Help me give my heart's pure worship to Jesus.

One Word: We have come to worship him