Passage: Nehemiah 12:1~47  

Key verse: 43b

1. the dedication ceremony (1-43)

Verses 1-26 record two generations of priests and Levites. The first generation returned to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel and Joshua while the following generation served in the day of Nehemiah and Ezra. These people dedicated their lives to the ministry of the Lord. Some were in charge of thanksgiving and praise while others were gatekeepers who guarded the storerooms. Everyone who serves in the ministry of the Lord is known by him and will be remembered by him. The completion of the wall was celebrated with an amazing dedication ceremony. Two choirs, along with all the leaders, circled the city on top of the wall from different directions and gathered at the temple. Great sacrifices were offered and the joy of God filled the hearts of all the people. Their rejoicing could be heard for miles.

2. Support for the temple worship (44-47)

At this time, there was a beautiful obedience to the word of God and a wonderful spirit of thanksgiving and worship. The Levites, priests, musicians, and gatekeepers performed the service of the Lord according to the scriptures. In response, the people of Judah were pleased to support them with their contributions, first fruits, and tithes as directed by the Law. The people of Judah recognized the work of God and responded generously and obediently.

Prayer: Father, bless us to serve and to give with great joy.

One Word: Rejoice in the work of God!