Passage: Nehemiah 11:1~36  

Key verse: 2

1. Brave volunteers (1-24)

Jerusalem had been demolished and unpopulated for 150 years. Many inner-city parts were perilous and impoverished. After building the wall, someone had to live in Jerusalem and restore her economy and living conditions. Possibly it would take decades to rejuvenate. The leaders set the example and lived in Jerusalem. Then a lot was cast and one out of ten men relocated to Jerusalem, leaving their comfortable homes and established lives. Many of these men were able men, and they were responsible for taking care of the city and temple. Also, enemies of the Jews constantly harassed them. And, moving to Jerusalem meant leaving their ancestral property. This move exposed their families to risk. These men wanted to please God, not themselves, so they volunteered to live in and take care of the holy city.

2. Residences of the villages around Jerusalem (25-36)

The remaining people settled into the villages or suburbs of Jerusalem. Their nearby support was needed to provide food, natural resources, and extra defense.

Prayer: Lord, help me to work together for the good of the community and nation, making hard sacrifices.

One Word: Brave volunteers for the nation