Passage: Nehemiah 3:1~32  

Key verse: 12

1. Repairing the gates (1-16)

Rebuilding the gates was most difficult. They were the central places of attack and most damaged. The high priest set the example, and with other priests, rebuilt and dedicated the Sheep Gate. Others repaired the remaining 9 gates. People from other parts of Palestine-from Gibeon and Mizpah across the Jordan-came to participate. The nobles of Tekoa didn't want to work under supervisors. On the other hand, a father worked with his daughters. People from all walks of life worked together - Levites, goldsmiths, perfume-makers, rulers, governors and merchants.

2. Filling the gaps (17-32)

Forty leaders volunteered to fix 45 sections. Some worked only on the part of the wall opposite their own houses; some repaired larger sections. The whole wall had to be repaired. If one part were left open, then the whole wall would be useless. Building the wall meant restoring their dignity and confidence; it meant restoring their nation.

Prayer: Lord, help me to share in rebuilding the spiritual foundations of our nation and do my part.

One Word: Everyone must work to rebuild