Passage: Nehemiah 2:11~20  

Key verse: 17

1. A lonely task (11-16)

Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem. He did not tell anyone what God had put in his heart to do, but he went alone to inspect the ruined walls. After assessing the situation and deciding what must be done, he called the officials together. A leader must have God's mission and find God's direction first.

2. Let's rebuild the walls of Jerusalem (17-20)

The city walls had been rubble for 150 years. The broken wall was a symbol of broken spirits and despairing hearts. Jerusalem was helpless, vulnerable, and disgraced. The people had no courage to begin rebuilding their city or their lives. He told the officials how God had put it in his heart to come, and how God had answered his prayers and moved the king's heart to help. He planted faith in their hearts. So they began the good work of rebuilding. However, the task would not be easy, for there were enemies who were determined to stop them.

Prayer: Lord, help us to rebuild the spiritual walls of our nation through disciple-raising, Bible study and prayer.

One Word: Let us rebuild the wall by faith