Passage: Acts 27:27~44  

Key verse: 34,35

1. Unless you stay with the ship (27-32)

The storm raged for two weeks. They knew they were fast approaching some sort of land, so the sailors attempted to escape by lifeboat. But Paul told the centurion that unless the sailors stayed with the boat, they would all be lost. So the soldiers prevented their escape by cutting the ropes to the boats. They would all be saved together.

2. Paul the shepherd (33-44)

Paul was a great shepherd for those on board. No one had eaten anything in several days. Paul encouraged them by reminding them they needed to eat for their survival. Next he encouraged them by telling them not one of them would lose a single hair on their head. They were all going to come out of this alive. Lastly, he encouraged them by eating himself. The rest ate, which gave them the strength they needed when the boat wrecked and they all had to swim to shore. Paul could encourage everyone in such a time because he had faith in God. The centurion was moved by his faith and saved Paul and the other prisoners.

Prayer: Lord, help me to encourage others when they are in trouble.

One Word: Encourage others with the Lord's words