Passage: Acts 27:1~12  

Key verse: 10

1. The Lord aids Paul (1-8)

Paul had appealed to Caesar, and to Caesar he was headed. He set sail with some other prisoners and some soldiers to guard them. When they arrived the next day at Sidon, and the centurion allowed Paul to visit his friends in order to provide for his needs on the trip. God showed great kindness to Paul by opening the heart of the centurion and his friends to help him. We are not alone in our journey of faith. God sends others to help us.

2. Paul warns of bad weather (10-12)

It was the time of year when weather on the seas could become dangerous. Paul was a seasoned traveler, and he warned the captain that disaster was looming which would bring great loss to ship, cargo and lives. Paul knew what he was talking about, but the ship's pilot and centurion thought they knew better and sailed on, right towards disaster.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for sending friends and aid along our lives of faith. Always help me to see your guiding hand.

One Word: See God's guiding hand