Passage: Acts 12:12~25  

Key verse: 24

1. Many gathered and were praying (12-17)

Peter went to the house of Mary where many had gathered and were praying. Rhoda the servant girl was so overjoyed to see Peter at the door that she forgot to open it for him! She just told the others, who in turn, thought she had seen his angel. They had not expected God would answer their prayers in such a dramatic fashion!

2. Herod did not give praise to God (18-25)

After examining the guards, Herod had them put to death. Herod thought he was powerful; he thought he could destroy the church and he enjoyed his control over whether people lived or died. The people of Tyre and Sidon depended on Herod's food supply. The people even went as far as saying he had the voice of a god. Yet because Herod did not give praise to God an angel of the Lord struck him down. It was the word of God and not Herod that continued to spread and flourish.

Prayer: Lord, help me trust in prayer and your word rather than fear men like Herod

One Word: God's word increases while evil men perish