Passage: Acts 11:1~18  

Key verse: 18

1. Peter explains everything (1-4)

Back in Jerusalem, Peter was criticized by Jewish believers for entering a Gentile house and eating with them. Their sense of pride and exclusivity was very strong. They could not believe God would also give his word and Holy Spirit to the Gentiles. Although Peter was the leader of the church in Jerusalem, he humbly explained everything, taking time to describe precisely as it had happened. He understood the importance of communication in order to avoid misunderstanding.

2. Even the Gentiles (5-18)

Peter told them how God had given him a vision to overcome his prejudice, with the command "Do not call anything impure that God has made clean." Without hesitation he had then gone to the house of Cornelius who had also received a vision to send for him. Peter saw that the Holy Spirit came on the Gentiles while he was still speaking. He therefore understood God did not mean for them to become Jews first, only that they believed in Jesus Christ. When they heard this, the Jewish believers had no further objections.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for granting repentance that leads to life

One Word: Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ